An Online Self-Guided Self-Healing Course for Relieving over a 100 Common Ailments
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with Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

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This course was originally 10-weeks, however, now you can take it at your own pace.
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"I have to say that this was a great experience learning with you. You made it easy, fun, and interesting. I have learned so much and also look forward to reviewing the class online."

- Caroline O'Conner


I believe your success and happiness is directly connected to your health and well-being. If you’re in pain or don’t feel good, you’re more likely to be tired, lose focus at work, be more irritable, heavy and sluggish. It’s even harder to feel optimistic about the future when you’re so preoccupied with your pain, stress, and discomfort.

When you’re dependent on doctors and medications to feel better, you don’t have full control over your own life. It’s disappointing when medications don’t work, only give temporary relief, or they cause undesirable side effects. I suggest:

  • Knowing self-care techniques can give you more control over your own health and can support self-reliance.
  • Once your body feels good, you can bring more productivity to your work and have more enthusiasm with everything in your life.
Putting the Power into your own Hands

This online course utilizes my 45 years of hands-on healing and includes:

  • The secrets I’ve learned by working with thousands of people
  • I've made this online course easy by providing 50 short step-by-step videos that show you how to send healing energy through your own hands.
  • Self-Directed: You can take this course anytime and spend more or less than the recommended 10 weeks (5-6 hours per week) as long as you complete it within one year. In addition you can download all the course materials during this year and keep them for life.

This healing work can save you from spending too much money on prescription drugs and the resulting side effects.

Below you’ll find all the details to access the cherished practices that have transformed my life and the lives of thousands of others.

How would your life change if you could relieve pain
and daily stress, feel lighter and renewed?

You can wake up every day feeling great and full of the vitality needed to overcome life’s challenges. Imagine if you could resolve most of the ailments you and your family experience daily like headaches, aches and pains, stress, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia and back pain.


with Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

Here's an Overview of your
10-Week Course...

Week 1:
How to Heal Stress, Pressure & Anxiety

This week we’ll cover:

  • How to Calm Stress
  • Hypertension Balancing
  • Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
  • Shoulder Tension & Pain
  • Stress and Wellness Acupressure Points

Week 2:
Pain Relief

Covers how to relieve all kinds of pain:

  • Ankle, Heel, Foot & Gout Pain
  • Arm Ache, Elbow, Hand and Shoulder Pain
  • Arthritis, Rheumatism & Fibromyalgia Pain
  • Lower, Middle and Upper Back Pain
  • Sciatica, Hip, Buttocks and Leg Pain
  • Wrist Pain, Tendonitis & Carpal Tunnel

Week 3:
Eyes, Ears, Head
& Throat Conditions

We’ll dive into Acupressure points
for common ailments like:

  • Earaches, Eyestrain & eye irritation
  • Jaw problems, TMJ disorders and tooth aches
  • Memory, concentration, & mental health
  • Sinus problems and hay fever
  • Thyroid imbalances

Week 4:
Neck, Back & Legs

Learn Acupressure Self-Care techniques to relieve the following:

  • Backaches and Sciatica
  • Knee pain and Restless leg
  • Neck tension and pain
  • Hip and buttock pain
  • Shoulder Tension & Pain
  • Leg Stiffness and Pain

Wellness Webinar

You'll receive review of
the first 4 weeks, including:

  • Over of Key Potent Points
  • Answers to top questions
  • Asthma & Difficulty Breathing
  • Receive Healing Support
  • An opportunity to catch up on all the videos before we move on.

Week 5:
& Respiratory Systems

You'll learn Acupressure to address uncomfortable ailments like:

  • Abdominal Cramps, Indigestion
  • Stomachaches, Ulcer Symptoms
  • Asthma & Difficulty Breathing
  • Constipation, IBS, Toxicity, Diarrhea & Intestinal Cramps
  • Nausea: Motion & Air Sickness
  • Indigestion & Heartburn

Week 6:
Emotions & Energy

You’ll learn Self-Acupressure
point routines for:

  • Anxiety, Nervousness & Panic Attacks
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Depression & Mood Swings
  • Fainting, Ungrounded and Dissociation
  • Irritability, Frustration and Dealing with Change
  • Trauma & Abuse: Recovery Points
  • Thyroid Imbalances

Week 7:
The Reproductive System

We‘ll cover both men
and women’s issues like:

  • Low Sexual Desire & Blocked Energy
  • Hot Flashes & Menopause
  • Menstrual Tension, Cramps & PMS
  • Pregnancy & Infertility
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Prostate & Male Sexual Issues

Week 8:
Other Common Complaints

You’ll learn Acupressure for a host
of other common ailments:

  • Allergies, Itching & Allergic Reactions
  • Colds, Sore Throat & Flu
  • Cramps & Muscle Spasms
  • Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
  • Swelling, Edema & Water Retention

A Wellness
Integration Webinar

This last video puts together
All that you've learned to:

  • Create a daily personal practice
  • Summarize areas of program for self-healing
  • Demonstrate the best potent points
  • Review of the Wellness Formulas

"I am so loving this course! Michael, you have thought of everything to make this coherent and comprehensive to facilitate learning in depth and fullness. I took a leap of faith to take this course, and I'm so glad I followed my intuition and went for it. Thanks for making it possible!" 

- Morgan Bates

Building Your Body’s Bank Account

As your points release using these self-acupressure techniques, the flow of your body’s energy becomes more and more responsive, improving your circulation, and it gets easier to obtain results. Acupressure allows us to age according to what’s natural rather than being caught in an accelerated aging cycle. Here's everything you'll receive:

1. 60 Self-Acupressure Videos

Instructional Self-Healing Routines 

This includes over 60 videos, delivered to you over 8 weeks, in the 8 health areas we just covered. These videos show you how to stimulate points in a chair, lying in bed, or on a mat or carpet. And don’t worry if you can’t watch all 60 videos in the recommended 10 week schedule. You can adjust the timing to your needs. All of these self-care videos are downloadable so you can access them for life!

2. Transcripts of All the Videos

We know some of you would prefer to read material versus watch videos, so we have something for you, too!

You’ll have access to all video transcripts so you can create a complete Acupressure Self-Care Digital Library, available at your fingertips anytime an ailment arises for you or a family member.

3. Video Review Q & A Sessions

You’ll also receive access to 10 weekly review Q&A sessions. These pre-recorded videos are designed to give you additional clarity for how to use all these materials, how to approach certain ailments, practice self-acupressure, and they’ll answer many of your most pressing questions.

4. A Private Member Community

I know from my own experience how important it is to have a supportive group in learning something new. You’ll be able to give and receive encouragement as you learn, explore and discover how to use the self-healing routines in this program. With this online course, you’ll become a part of an amazing support community so you can share experiences as well as ask questions about any of the videos presented in this program.

5. Acupressure Self-Care

Certificate of Completion

After completing the program — you'll get a personalized
The Acupressure Self-Care: Pain & Stress Relief Solution
e-Certificate of Completion.

6.  C.E. Certificate (Optional)

For Continuing Education (18 hours)

Participants have the option to apply for 18 Continuing Education Hours
(CE's for Massage Therapists & Health Professionals)
through an NCBTMB Approved Provider.

Certificates will be sent to those who apply, pass a test and pay a $50 fee.

Plus you'll get the following Bonuses


The Acupressure
Stress Relief

A Guided Self-Healing Audio mp3
Program that includes Acupressure
and gentle Yoga and stretching
exercises you can use anywhere.


How to Use a Back Roller
for Those Hard to Reach Points.

Receive a Video Demo on How to make a
customized Acupressure Back Roller


Acupressure Wellness Formulas

Powerful Daily Self-Healing Routines for Energy and Vitality

Qi Gong 8 Breathing Exercises

Acu-Massage for Daily Wellness

Acupressure Wellness
(Lying down)

Acupressure & Daily Stretching
(Sitting Route)

Acupressure Rub for Wellness 
(Sitting Route)

Calming Stress
(Lying down)

Vital Daily Wellness Points

Immune Boosting Points


Acupressure Point
Digital Flashcards

You'll Receive 30 Digital Flashcards
with All the Major Acupressure Point
Names, Locations, Benefits & More.


Acupressure Point
Digital Charts

These are digital version of my best-selling
Acupressure charts with ALL points illustrated

Acupressure Self-Care Solution
Program Summary

Here's a Summary of What You'll Receive in the Program:

  1. 10-WEEK Online Acupressure Self-Care Video Training (Value $997)
  2. Weekly Review Videos  (Value $197)
  3. Downloadable Transcripts of all videos (Value $97)
  4. Private Membership Access (Value $97)
  5. Certificate(s) of Completion
  6. BONUS #1: Stress Relief Audio Program (Value $15)
  7. BONUS #2: How to Make Your Own Back Roller (Value $10)
  8. BONUS #3: 8 Acupressure Wellness Formulas (Value $97)
  9. BONUS #4: 30 Digital Point Flashcards  (Value $10)
  10. BONUS #5: 5 Digital Acupressure Charts  (Value $15)

My Personal 100% Guarantee

I’m so confident that the Acupressure Self-Care Solution program and online teachings will be such a valuable learning resource that I will personally support you to make this course a success.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"This course has been valuable in helping me integrate much of what I learned in energy training over the past few years. I am thankful Michael that you taught the class and I was able to attend. Thanks so much for all your wonderful dedication to this training."
Heather CarliniCanada

"I am a massage Therapist and have been using the Acu points in my practice. I use mostly the shoulder and neck points, holding these points enhances and makes my work easier. My clients comments how they feel so relax and light. Some times when I hold the points I feel a strong pulse especially at the point where the triceps meet the occipital bone in the back at the sides of the neck. When I hold the points on myself I sometimes feel strong pulses. When the pulses balance I feel great relaxation and a good sense of well being beyond words. The Hoku Point (Li 4) has helped me with toothache as well as headaches. This program has inspired me to keep revising the work so that I would improve. A hearty thanks."
Gregory CarterBrooklyn, NY

"This acupressure course allowed me to have a deeper theoretical understanding and better practical skills in the area of acupressure. I share and will continue sharing this wonderful knowledge with my family, friends and students. Thank you very much for this Gift."
Olga Kukarina, Melrose, MA

"I have found that the acupressure course has deepened my ability to help my clients. It was amazing how many times I would review a video lesson and the very next day a client would walk in with issues similar to the ones we had just covered!"
Cynthia L. ArmbristerFredericksburg, VA

"I had great feedback from my clients and it's enhancing my other modalities greatly. I find that doing points on myself regularly and the exercises I learned this has also benefited me personally."
Priscilla SmithAustralia

"I am a massage therapist, a yoga and meditation instructor, and also a muscle conditioning trainer for 70-90 year olds. I have incorporated all that I have learned from you in my classes by showing them different Acupressure points. They love the fact that by pressing and holding a point themselves, can help them to de-stress and be happy! Thank you!"
Sue Thomas, Hull, MA

"Very informative - I am interested in teaching self care acupressure and this gave me a good foundation in clear and accessible words and demonstrations. The course was awesome blessing to all have enjoyed showing others some of the self help techniques as well as doing on myself. Thank you again for sharing your information. Bless you!"
Janelle SuttonBaton Rouge, LA

"Thank you so much for offering this course online. I has helped myself in many ways using the self-treatment points. It has helped me stay grounded and focused and clear away many blocks. I have also experienced some small shifts and releases in my own body. I have witnessed great change and relaxation in numerous clients I see on a regular basis and am so excited at the relief they are feeling from weekly treatments I am able to provide them now with the techniques and skills I have learned with you Michael Thank you again, it's been such a pleasure to learn under your guidance and support."
Krista Lee JorgensenCanada

"The course delivery was fantastic, I especially appreciated that the videos were short but the content was in so much detail and depth, and your passion for teaching it! The manual was very informative but the videos tie it all together!…Thanks you so much for this opportunity and I hope you will offer more courses like this!"
Ulrike ArmstrongAustralia

This course has been amazing and Michael so are you. As a yoga teacher I have been able to incorporate so much of what I have learnt into my classes with amazing results. Don't be surprised if some of my students enroll in the next course, they too are inspired to learn now. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from you and to then pass my knowledge on to other people so they too can learn the self healing benefits of acupressure."
Amanda OsmondAustralia

"This course for Michael is far deeper and so much better. So far I have been working on 10 persons, friends and relatives, my wife. The other day I had a man with lower back problems. I worked on him for an hour. Worked on the Great Regulator channel and final balancing, specific lower back Points. He called me the day after. No problems! Fantastic! And he had Contact which a professional for his back. His wife has now booked a time with me. I am soon 66 years of age. I practice on my self every day. I am still fit for life and feel good."
Robert RensfeldtSweden

"This course has been most rewarding and will serve me well as a stand-alone modality on my list of offerings PLUS it gives me much greater understanding for the application of other bodywork modalities I offer. My appreciation, gratitude and a deep bow for all you have put into this wonderful class."
Bernita WilsonFt. Mitchell, KY

with Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.